“The Infrared Body Wrap has produced amazing results for me. I have M.S. and no longer need the pain meds I was taking every day. The numbness in my left leg was gone after my first session!  I have newfound energy and with only a few dietary changes I have lost over 30 pounds and 25 inches."  
Erin P, Richlands

"I’ve only done the Strawberry Laser Lipo twice and man, am I impressed! Amazing results! I’ve been on keto for 7 weeks and the lbs and inches were so slow. But since I’ve done the laser it’s falling off! Best money I ever spent on myself! Highly recommend!"
D Wallace, Honaker

"I absolutely love the E-Power machine!  I come in frazzled and stressed and within minutes all that just melts away.  The stress release from both body and mind is truly incredible.  And, I always, always add the Detox Footbath!"
Nikki S, Grundy

"All I can say is WOW! The next morning after my first Ionic Detox Foot Bath I had no pain in my knees or stiffness and pain in my hands like I normally do. Then I tried the Infrared Body Wrap and was amazed at my energy levels and stress reduction."
Kelly M, Richlands 

“I look forward to coming to the Rejuvenation Station each week. With a very stressful job and little time for myself, it's great just to come in and zone out. I feel relaxed and rejuvenated, cleaner and lighter, too.
Jeremy F, Tazewell